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Trouble Shooting Guide


Printer continually warns non genuine ink is installed
Consult your manual and disable the ink status monitor

My ink levels are not resetting
Switch your printer off and then back on, also try unplugging and wait 2-3 minutes.

My printouts are of poor quality banding and fading are present
This could be caused a blocked airline or block print head, consult your user manual and or perform a print head clean. Print a test print and confirm quality if still no good you may need to repeat 3 or 4 times If this fails check all airlines from reservoir to print head and look for air bubbles if air bubbles are found after you have performed a head clean then carry out one of the following procedure.

One of my inks is not flowing
Check all airlines from reservoir to print head and look for air bubbles if air bubbles are found after you have performed at least 3 print head cleans and it is still not working then carry out the following procedure.

Only prime your continuous ink system if excess air is present in the tubing. It is recommended that you wear gloves and have some tissues handy to soak up any excess ink. Remove the Continuous ink system and place on a suitable work area with the ink cartridges upside down.

Remove the travel plug from one of the ink chambers/reservoirs and the fill hole on the cartridge.(i.e. cyan)
Draw air into the syringe (with the needle NOT attached) then place it in the hole left by the removed travel plug. (please see video on our website under “video tutorials”)
Slowly push down on the syringe, forcing air into the reservoir. This will force excess air through the silicon tubing and into the cartridge. As you do this you will notice the cartridge filling with ink. Once the cartridge is near full slowly remove the syringe

BEWARE ink & air bubbles will come out of the cartridge. Use a tissue to absorb any ink. replace the air filter / travel plug and re-install the system.

My ink levels are not showing and I have a canon printer
Newer model canon printers containing cartridges for PGI-5bk or cLI-8 range of printers will not show the ink level after swapping the chip from the original cartridge to the Ciss inflow unit - you can see the ink levels in your reservoir's.

One or more of my ink cartridges is not being recognised upon a new installation.
For HP, Canon & Epson excluding Canon ( CLI-8 & PGI-5 ) it is possible the chip on the cartridge maybe faulty, we recommend you remove the affected cartridge and wipe the chip with a dry cloth / soft material and re-insert, if this fails repeat the action up to 3 times.

For Canon printers containing CLI-8 or PGI-5 cartridges we recommend you re-confirm the fit method for the chips and check they are installed correctly. Consult your instruction manual that came with the CISS system. If this fails it is likely you have a faulty chip and you will need to replace by purchasing and original cartridge of the same colour and remove the chip.

My system is leaking at the reservoir end or cartridge end
Reconfirm all connections and seals - ensure your reservoirs are not higher or lower than your printer if these are all ok please contact us.

Air continually keeps getting in my system
Confirm all connections and seals from the reservoir all the way to the cartridges, remove the cartridges and re-insert the cartridges one by one. if this fails please contact us.

My ink reservoir has completely emptied into my printer
The ink Reservoir tanks must be kept at the same level as your printer. See Supplementary Instructions on the website under “Installation Manuals”                 Please Turn Over

All Cartridges are showing “Red Xs” on Printer Monitor software
The Black chip is the “Mother Chip” so it will show “Red Xs” if it is loose or is making poor contact, check and clean black chip and reinstall making sure the cartridges are pushed fully down. See Supplementary Instructions on the website under “Installation Manuals”

“Red Xs” appear on a few cartridges only on Printer Monitor software.
This shows that the “Black Mother Chip is good” please check the chips on the cartridges showing “red Xs” and make sure they are making good contact, also make sure cartridges are pushed down fully. See Supplementary Instructions on the website under “Installation Manuals”

I Have not followed the print guide 100%
Please uninstall your system and re-install as per all user guides and tips supplied with your unit

I Have followed the print guide 100%
Confirm all connections and seals from the reservoir all the way to the cartridges are sealed tight then contact us.

Below is a list of care points for hassle free printing

Do not remove cartridge from the Ciss System unless absolutely necessary
This is because small droplets of ink may spill out.

Ensure no kinks or trapping of ink reservoir cables
Ink will not flow correctly

Ensure ink reservoir bottles are kept at same height as base of printer or for some HP models at same height as cartridges
If the bottles are higher than the printer it could cause the ink to continually flow straight into the printer until the reservoirs are empty, even when the area is being cleaned do not raise the bottles - if you have a partner - tell them

Keep at least 3/4 " or 20mm of ink in the reservoir at all times - top up regular
If this is not done when the ink gets low it will draw air into the system and cause a blockage - remember regular top up's

Try to keep at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight
Prevents fading and ensures an even flow is maintained

Do not shake the ink reservoirs
Could cause air to enter the system and cause a blockage

Keep ink reservoirs in a straight upright position - no leaning
Could cause air to enter the system and cause a blockage

Do not pull on ink flow tubes connected to the cartridge or ink reservoirs
Seal could be broken and air will continually get into the system causing ink not to flow and cause blockages

Do not mix our inks with other systems by refilling with a lower grade ink
Mixing inks could cause washed out colours and could cause a blocked print head, Our ink is specifically designed for your brand

Keep out of the way of children
Kids will be Kids and anything can happen

Try to use your system on a fortnightly basis or less
Will reduce risk of blocked print heads

If you are not planning to use your system for more than 2 weeks remove the air filters and put the plug back in
Will prevent excessive air entering the system which could cause a blockage, poor print quality.


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